Hey, my name is Delyth, I'm a Wellbeing Coach and I love to collaborate with people, like you, to rediscover your true brilliant self: your energy, your glow, your balance, your inner calm and your focus! Your innate wellbeing and wisdom.

I have explored these areas and more within myself and with clients. Please know that by putting some empowering lifestyle tweaks in place, your experience of life and within yourself changes – for the better.

I'm a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist. I graduated from the University of Westminster with a BSc (First Class) Hons Nutritional Therapy degree in 2009. I use the Functional Medicine model as the basis of nutrition and food. I have evolved my practice to Wellbeing Coaching, as I believe it isn't only about food, food is incredibly powerful, food is literally information for your trillions of cells, to do their job or not. Yet there is a whole lot more to be discovered and explored. This means movement, sleep, emotional health and self beliefs, and connection. Elements that I believe support the creation of a contented life that is authentic to you.

I'm a Metabolic Balance® coach, a proven sustainable weight management programme based on 25 years of science. Kirsty Alsop's success with the programme made the news in 2017.

I've lived a varied life: growing up in the countryside; escaping to Australia; returning and fleeing to London; spending about 20 odd years in one of the fastest cities in the world. Within that 20 year period, I had one year out travelling around Central and South America which heralded the beginning of my own healing journey some 14 years ago. Recently I spent special time in the countryside experiencing slower living, but now I am back in the City.

My interest in health and wellbeing has always been there: as a teenager I felt drawn to study physiotherapy; I studied shiatsu for a year in my twenties; I spent 4 years studying a BSc in Nutritional Therapy in my 30s, gaining a First which was amazing. I never dreamed I could do it (note to self/all: everything is possible).

I had a successful nutritional therapy practice in North London, I created and managed a wellbeing at work programme for a London based advertising agency. I developed a story telling app focusing on positive change. I'm passionate about personal development, people’s life stories and sharing all things wellbeing to empower other people.

I've received many different healing modalities myself which means I work to provide a very holistic space for my clients. I'm reflective by nature and am planning more studies in this fascinating area of personal growth and coaching in 2018.

Trust. Transparency. Honesty. Connection.
These are elements that mean much to me personally and that I endeavour to bring to every interaction we have together. Elements that inform my holistic approach to health, wellbeing, living and being in the world.

I'm fully insured and a member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP)