I love people and I love to guide people back to themselves, to their innate essence.

Hey, my name is Delyth, I am a Nutrition and Wellbeing Therapist and I love to collaborate with people, like you, to rediscover your true brilliant self: your energy, your glow, your balance, your inner calm and your focus!

It took me a long time to do this for myself after decades of insecurity, being unsure, wild parties, followed up by years of yoga, solitude and meditation. In 2016, I discovered I was an anxious attacher, this manifested as insecurity, avoidance, addictive tendencies, disconnection, any excuse at times to be elsewhere - leaving ones body, anxiety and other behaviour patterns and self limiting beliefs. 40% of people have an attachment disorder, so while this was painful to finally acknowledge, it explained so much.

Having worked hard to move through that by healing myself, I rediscovered my natural way of being - balance and peace - and my life feels beautiful, still with challenges of course, yet the way I approach life is radically different. I wish this for all beings.

In the background to my confused younger self was my true being – I connected easily with people, I am an empath and have strong intuition so I can sense things easily. From a young age, I wanted to work in a healing capacity, and eventually I trained as a Nutritional Therapist, I loved the power of food as medicine. Yet over the years it became obvious to me this was not my entire calling. I was drawn to energy healing, I had in my 20’s studied shiatsu and had personally received shamanic healing, plant medicine, psychic guidance as well as working with a psychotherapist. By healing myself, my intuition and senses expanded.

Now I work as a Wellbeing Coach, Intuitive Life Guide and Angelic Reiki energy healer, I love to bring all of these elements together to support people in creating their own sense of peace, presence, contentment, passion for life and vibrancy. Which is essentially a well being and you in your essence. I also provide workshops and wellbeing coaching to businesses as part of their work wellbeing programmes. I have presented at NBC Universal, Oglivy, BMB, Law firms, Schools and other businesses. I wrote two evidence based work wellbeing programme strategies for BMB, an advertising agency in London and managed the programme.

Formal info: BSc First Class Hons Nutritional Therapy (University of Westminster). Angelic Reiki 1&2, 3&4 Master/Teacher (Crystal Healing). Intuitive studies (Jessica Reid). Certified Angel Guide(Kyle Gray). I am fully insured and a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. I am training to be a Forest Therapy Guide beginning in August 2019 and completing Emotional Freedom Technique training in September 2018.