Q&A: What & Why?

Following the launch of my new website, a friend who is a teacher got in touch. She had the innovative idea to use my website as a talking point for a session on health to stimulate conversation about what this means to the youngsters.
They asked me some questions. I thought this was brilliant, that the young people were engaged in their lesson: it is crucial that we have these conversations with children and young people to bring about the positive change needed globally and as individuals. I believe this is slowly happening.

These are their questions and my answers:  

What inspired her?
I am inspired by the power we have as individuals, groups, communities, and globally to create positive change in ourselves, each other and the wider community.
As a Nutrition & Wellbeing therapist, I collaborate with someone else and support them to make positive life changes, I find the person I am working with inspiring!
I am inspired by the people I work with because they are the ones who have made the decision to change something in their life that they are not happy with anymore.
It isn’t me, it is that other person who is doing the hard work.

YOU can change your health from poorly to well, your sense of wellbeing from feeling stressed to feeling calm, peaceful, confident and focused. Your energy from low to abundant! I find that inspiring too.

Once we set our minds to something we can achieve greatness, things we never thought possible! We do that by making a decision, putting goals in place and then a course of actions to bring that about.
Think about that – think about what you would like to change in yourself, in your life. Is there something you could do today to start to make a positive change?

I have a few heroes who have inspired me along the way:
Mark Hyman
Bruce Lipton
Kris Carr
Tony Robbins

Why do you do the job you do?
I love to help people, I always have. I love talking and listening to people. I like 1:1 conversations, and sometimes prefer that to being in large groups, I can feel shy. I am fascinated by psychology, I plan to train in counselling and psychotherapy beginning next year. So being a Therapist suits some of my characteristics and interests.
When I was at school I didn’t realise this, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I still didn’t until I was in my mid-twenties when I started to become interested in health and wellbeing from a therapist perspective. I did some training in shiatsu but realised that wasn’t right for me, I then started studying nutrition at 32 years old. And I haven’t stopped wanting to development myself and learn new things.
I want people to realise that they have the power to change their health, wellbeing and life. It is important for people to know this, so they feel empowered to take control of themselves and the way they live their life.

Why do you like healthy stuff?
I want to feed my body and mind all the ingredients needed to feel energetic, focused, motivated, happy, full of love, passion, purpose, and confidence to go for it!
If you feed yourself stuff that isn’t natural, then you can start to feel rubbish! Which means your body and mind aren’t feeling very well, and over time this may impact what you can and can’t do.
Try and eat and drink the healthier stuff 70% of the time, you will feel vibrant I promise!
What you eat and drink are two of the biggest things that will impact your future, so choose wisely and if you aren’t sure then ask someone who knows.

Thank you for asking me these questions :)