Words from Wings

Dark matter
To be expelled
FullyTo allow all to access their own
Incredible, luminous light.
Their light, to their shadow.
Dark made light.

Feel, feel, feel.
You are safe.
Go to your wounded place
Sit there – hold yourself, heal thyself,
Know thyself, love thyself
To uncover your golden essence
That which is love.
Not romantic love, love of self, love all of yourself, to love all.
All beings.
To heal & evolve your beautiful world
To her infinite essence &
Golden vibration.

Peace to all is here,
Over time.
We are dissolving, dissolving into love
Which is to move through all fear & pain.
No, not easy yet essential for you
To be your birthright, that which is love,
Power, your actual energy signature, your unique flow.
Your truth.