Entering the Quantum Field for Healing.

I forgive You.
I forgive myself.

Earlier this morning I was guided into the Quantum Field (aka the Divine Field): the infinite field of source energy that is endless and that we are, in our very essence, part of… I was practicing Matrix Reimprinting with a woman, she guided me in.

I wanted to revisit a memory and release the emotional charge and the belief that I was holding in my subconscious. My feelings around this memory (experience) was beginning to appear in my reality. I knew I wanted to go there and release myself and that person.

I was angry with this person.
I wanted them to listen to me and they didn’t, I wanted them to hear my pain and they couldn’t and wouldn’t, not the way I wanted to be heard.
I observed this memory playing out in the Field and through this transformative process, I sat with that person and we talked about what happened and how we both felt.
We both said sorry and how we would deal with things differently. We embraced.
We forgave each other.
I forgave this person and I forgave myself.
All good.
Consider: time and space doesn’t exist in the Field, we can access past, present, future.

An hour or so later, I go for a walk and I feel this heaviness, this sensation that was hidden in the lower regions of my heart (chakra) and my stomach (solar plexus), release, I felt tired and I felt what I had been holding in my body and my energy body release. I knew the forgiveness was complete and I felt just how much I loved this person. I cannot express how wonderful this is.

Couple of things:
Emotional pain is stored in the body until it is dealt with and may contribute to dis-ease, this is well known and accepted.
Emotional pain is stored in the energy body: the chakra system and our personal energy field that interacts with the collective and unified field.
Patterns in behaviour, experiences and what turns up in life is effected by what is held emotionally in our bodies, chakra system and our own energy field.
When you go back to root causes, everything can shift.

Forgiveness - you will forgive when it is right for you, it cannot be forced yet through various processes you can be encouraged and supported to do so which gives you freedom and peace and a return to love for you and the other(s). You are literally lighter as a result.

I share this because I feel it is right to do so, and I am excited to work with people in this way myself soon… personal liberation & freedom to BE who we truly are is an absolute passion of mine. I wish this for all beings 💚