Rhya's angelic reiki session

This morning I was awakened to the healing powers of Angelic Reiki by my light guide & angelic channel Delyth.

I must admit, I did have some reservations. Even though I do consider myself open to all spiritual ideology and intuition, talking to angels is pretty way out, next level cosmic.

Pain came up, as did the colour violet. Del also saw dragons, unicorns and several prominent angels.

It’s time for karmic clearing, forgiveness and letting go. And I received this message from the angels:

Sweet Child of Light
Hold your heart
& let love
Grow & flow.

Release old burdens
That taint & hold
Pure love.
Unrestricted &
Free of all fear.
Fear is not real
Your golden essence
& beauty
Is real.

Release & trust
Your essence
For she will guide
& led you to
Places undreamt of
Yet destined for you.

Unchain yourself.
Trust us
& trust your
Deep, deep golden
Glow & heart.

The final releases
Of time past
Has come
Be brave
Know your golden heart
Leads to you
To your truth.

And so it is.
Pure cosmic vibes.

(Thank you Rhya for sharing honestly your experience, always an honour to work in this way)