How to listen in to your BEING

Above are all ways for you to enhance your sense of BEING, connecting into your essence.

These are also ways for you to heal yourself and support you when moving and releasing trauma from your physical body, emotional body and mental body. These options may appear simplistic, but that is the beauty and depth of simplicity.

You know yourself. You are your healer.

What is requested by you by your true self is:
- Time
- Space
- Commitment
- Daily practice
- Perseverance
- Accepting there is something not feeling right within anymore
- Accepting help or finding help with resonant healers and yourself
- Feeling the truth that sits within you, however hard that actually is
- The knowing, however hard it gets, that this is ok and you will get through this

When we feel something is not right or pain is arising in the form of anxiety, depression, mood swings, and so on, this is your whole self asking you to work through what is arising. Trauma or whatever you want to term held pain is being asked to be released. The more you release, the more you are then able to access your true essence. This work at times requires bravery and is extremely challenging, yet is a breakthrough. Sometimes we breakdown to breakthrough.

Yet trust the cliche: there is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel, this is truth and does exist.
Keep moving towards the LIGHT that is within you, that is YOU.