A message from Nature

As I returned to the old Oak tree and sat underneath to shelter from the splashing rain, I felt my body sink, my mind settle, my eyes open, my senses heighten. And then that sense of peace… when we truly stop, truly stop: no phone, no distraction, no mental chatter… stop and be, then we feel deep inner peace that we all have within us.

Trees, nature, does this, she can bring you right back home, she can root you down no matter what is happening within yourself and your life right now.

Follow her invitation, to be.

Reconnect to her and reconnect to yourself.

Your blossoming relationship with her, guides you to a blossoming relationship with yourself.


Nature gave me this:


Place your hand on your heart, gently

Slowly and with reverence for yourself, say aloud I AM CALM

As you repeat, with your voice

Feel the tone of calmness vibrate from these words coming from within you

Really tune into your voice I AM CALM

Tune into your voice creating ripples of calm energy within you

Repeat as often and frequently as you would like.


You can access your inner calm at any time.