What does self care mean?

Phrases like being kind to yourself, loving yourself, self compassion and self love are everywhere. What does this actually mean? How do we even incorporate these concepts into our busy lives?

For me this means, being comfortable with putting your needs first. In essence, caring for yourself: physically, emotionally, relationally. Or at least doing so for some of the time, being mindful of your needs putting boundaries in place. Giving yourself “you time” and spending that time doing something you love or nothing at all: this time then restores and replenishes you.

Self care is hearing the cues from our hearts, bodies and mind, being expressed by feeling tired, irritable, angry, upset and so on. Sometimes what is causing this unrest is a lack of time to self. Obviously at times there could be deeper things going especially if there is trauma or deep-rooted negative limiting beliefs leading to unhealthy risky behaviour patterns needing work with a counsellor or psychotherapist.

In essence, self-care begins with becoming mindful of yourself and your needs. This may require a slowing down to allow that information in the form of thought and feeling to emotionally and physically to arise. Then listening and acting accordingly and repeating these actions of self care to become a way of being for you, a way of living.

Treating yourself as your best friend.