5 things a Nutritional Therapist might ask you to do after an initial consultation

On your first consultation to me as a Nutrition & Wellbeing Therapist, you will be asked to follow some initial guidelines until we meet again for a more tailored plan.

Depending on your goals and how you are eating/living currently, below are some examples of common recommendations focusing on breakfast:

1. Have breakfast! Sets you up for the whole day including the tone of your eating pattern.

2. Eat some protein with every meal including breakfast e.g. eggs, nuts and seeds, quinoa, organic bio-live full fat yogurt (if tolerated). Being mindful of mixing protein sources up and the quality of protein choices over the day.

3. Eat a piece of fruit and some vegetables at breakfast e.g. rocket & spinach with eggs, blueberries with rolled porridge oats.

4. Add some healthy oils to breakfast e.g. extra virgin olive oil, grass fed or organic butter, nuts and seeds.

5. Drink water, up to 2 litres per day - add lemon, ginger to hot water for a positive wake up!

Even if you begin with one of these changes and complete for 1 month, you will definitely feel a benefit. Carry on for 3 months and you will have created a positive new habit :)