Energy Healing: Angelic Reiki
Angelic Reiki is a beautiful high vibrational healing modality that can be deeply powerful & transformative.

Receiving healing may support the release of trauma and held emotional pain related with ancestral & familial issues, inner child, loss & grief, self limiting beliefs and so on. You may feel moved to a greater sense of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

What happens: I am a clear channel for angelic healing energy to pass through me to you as my hands are placed on your shoulders. Energy reaches deeply into areas within that require rebalancing and healing. You are lovingly supported to let go of any physical, emotional, mental issues, blockages or areas that are holding you back, creating pain or discomfort. You remain fully clothed throughout.

As energy isn’t defined by space, time and distance, distance healing is just as powerful and effective. The healing you receive is delivered with the upmost integrity and love, and you are given exactly what you need right now.

At times more than one session maybe needed.

My reiki healing with Delyth was profound. She has a given gift and such beautiful energy.
The experience we shared together was utterly unique to me and her insight is undeniable.

Intuitive Life Guidance Session
An hour long session is an opportunity for your inner knowing, your subconscious, to be gently reflected back to you. You receive guidance around what is happening right now for you and how you can engage more fully with yourself and life experience, how to go within, what your soul is asking of you.

Accurate insight includes: family, life, home, relationships and romance, career and purpose.

Intuitive Life Coaching session
Taking what you have received in your Intuitive Life Guidance session, I coach you around areas that you may want more clarity and/or tools to use to develop your understanding further. Tools to bring into your life to embody the guidance given to you so you really take advantage of your reading.

Honestly Delyth that was such a beautiful reading and massive confirmation for me and
you have the most wonderful energy.

As a complementary therapist I do not diagnose illness, disease or any other physical or mental disorders. As such the complementary therapist prescribes neither medical treatments nor pharmaceuticals.
Angelic Reiki, Wellbeing & Life Guidance or any other holistic therapies offered are not a substitute for a medical examination and/or diagnosis. It is recommended that a medical physician examines you for any ailments you have.
No specific results can be guaranteed by the therapist/practitioner/reader. Any guidance given is for the client to consider only. Any decisions and choices the client makes as a result of that guidance or consultation are the client’s legal and personal responsibility only, both now and in the future.
Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Any cancellations will not be refunded without at least 24 hours prior notice.
Prices are subject to change