Metabolic Balance® is a weight management programme, that makes powerful changes to your metabolism.

Based on your blood test results, your programme provides you with what your body needs and this makes your plan unique to YOU.

“I’ve lost more than two stone and gone from squeezing into a size 16 to squeezing into a size 12”.
Kirsty Alsop, June 2017.

A natural approach based on 25 years of research

- Individualised nutrition plan forms the heart of Metabolic Balance®
- The four phases of the programme incorporate real food easily sourced from supermarkets
- The personalised nutrition roadmap from blood analysis encourages food and body chemistry to work together
- The programme is not supplements based, no highly processed meal replacements or old-fashioned calorie counting

The 3 month programme includes:

- 6 x 1 hour consultations
- Comprehensive blood test, your personal programme is based on these results
- Individualised to your needs - an eating plan including breakfast, lunch and dinner
- Weight and measurement tracking throughout
- Emotional and practical support

There are 4 phases to the programme which I coach you through:

Phase 1:
Preparation - think a mini detox to kick you off. 2 days.

Phase 2:
Rebalance - this is a time where you put yourself first and foremost so you can really get into your new way of eating, like an extended detox plus learning new ways of eating. You may feel a bit tired, hungry with detox like symptoms (for some, not all) but towards the end of this time energy tends to return and weight loss is rewarding and motivating. No exercise. 14 days.

Phase 3:
Relax – your plan relaxes, more options are available plus a treat meal each week. You are feeling more confident, energised, lighter, most hunger and cravings are under control, you are looking and feeling brighter – more vital! You may exercise and are on this phase until you reach your goal.

Phase 4:
Ongoing – this is your new way of eating for life and usually begins after 3 months on the programme, depending on your weight goals and progress. This really is your new approach to eating in a balanced way that supports your health and wellbeing for life.

Metabolic Balance® really is a fantastic opportunity to reset your metabolism, lower inflammation, switch on fat burning for energy, balance hormones, improve cholesterol levels, manage glucose levels, hunger and cravings are under control.

These factors can contribute to premature ageing if left unchecked, therefore metabolic balance® gives you the crucial ingredients to sustain optimum wellbeing, helping you feel and look younger with a vibrancy for life!

One off payment or payment packages are available.