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On Being
An intuitive wellbeing package that guides you to your BEING. Trusting, listening and tuning into your own voice and power. Guiding you in your relationship with food and nutrition; movement; sleep; mind & emotional health; and connection.

Working together I guide and coach you to navigate yourself and life in a way that cultivates a love and respect of self, self-care, honesty and inner truth that gives birth to greater clarity and inner assurance.
On Being aims to create a softening and acceptance of being here right now. From this space you create the change you desire to experience.
A delicate dance of listening to inner guidance and going with the current flow of life, not battling it. Gentle and peaceful, less push, more inspired action when it feels right. Inner strength while being kind to self and others. Boundaries for your sense of Being real to you.

Mind/body/soul reconnection was by far one of the biggest gifts you guided me through, I had totally lost a connection to my body and soul and you gave me really simple tools to reconnect. I have since written a timeline of disconnect and it goes back to when I was 12-13years old but I wouldn’t have put that altogether if you hadn’t shown me how to listen in. This also really helped with diets and cravings and punishment or telling myself off for slipping up. Rose

Why does this matter?
Once we get to know, trust, ground and nourish ourselves we have more respect for ourselves, where we are in life and for those around us. As we become more patient, kind and loving to ourselves, we begin to let go of our need to be a certain way, we move towards ease. More so in our essence.
Being. When we can be, life flows more easily and with less resistance. We can plan ahead from our centre and not be driven by anxiety or stress to get there now. Life can slow down. The ability to be in the moment, to be with oneself and ones’ life as it is today.

How does this work?
We work practically yet intuitively, every person is different, unique. I ask you to complete a life history form & a lifestyle diary, this can be enlightening in itself as you begin to reflect in the moment and write. Areas of topic include: food and nutrition; movement; sleep; mind & emotional health; connection to self, others, community and spirituality. All elements that feed into how you are today.

Depending on what comes up in sessions and where you choose to place your focus, some of these elements may receive more attention than others:

Food & Nutrition: A pack that gives you the information to create a healthy and balanced way of eating and being. A natural whole foods approach is a plan for life supporting overall wellbeing: anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, supports brain health, energy levels, hormonal balance and so on. A simple way of eating that is sustainable and achievable. I encourage you to begin to expand your awareness as to what foods do and don’t work for you.
By nourishing yourself with food you are supporting your physical body, your vessel, the home for your essence to reside in and experience life. We can look at supplements too if desired.

Movement: Moving for obvious reasons but also for self expression, feeling alive, and getting your energy flowing. Movement that you LOVE. Movement can be your meditation. This is one way of expressing your essence and is vital for creating positive feelings and increasing your energy frequency.

Sleep: Looking at your sleep patterns and whether you want more or less sleep and how to achieve that. Creating rituals to support your energy fluctuations and to get you into relaxed state /energetic state depending on your needs.

Mind & emotional health: Discovering the power of the mind, positively and negatively. What do you tell yourself? Are you aware? Using a gentle transformation tool, we begin to swap limiting beliefs for more empowering intentions which in turn supports your energy frequency to expand and rise up. Affirmations or mantras bring you into the NOW moment, while you set intentions for your inner & outer life creations. Think future self.
Opening yourself up to and allowing emotion that has been repressed to express itself, to FEEL and not be frightened to feel and let your emotions out to pass. Other tools are introduced here.

Connection: Your sense of love and connection to self, relationships and the world around you. Introducing simple meditations for you to use daily. How to create a more loving relationship with yourself and the world around you. Through the very practice of coming within to sit with yourself, to be with your essence, you begin to trust yourself, hear your inner voice, your intuition becomes clearer, your inner compass sharpens, working with your senses you tap into your personal guidance. Creativity, encouraging your innate creativity to express her/his self.

All of these elements support you in moving towards BEING, being you, just being, being present and in the moment. Moving away from worrying, ruminating, frustration and so on, expressing your feelings and leaning into them rather that ignoring, running away, repressing. By being we experience all of ourselves. Being you.

Session 1, 2 hours
1 hour to go through your forms in detail.
1 hour covers how to create sustainable change, mindset tools: setting intentions and affirmations to get your mind onboard, nutrition pack and how to eat well on a day to day basis, the creation of rituals to support your connection back to your essence, a meditation practice.

Session 2, 1 hour (2 weeks after session 1)
Follow Up from session 1: discoveries, observations, challenges etc.
Building on meditation & intuition, deepening your practice to yourself.
Supplements: recommendations for general wellbeing support.

Session 3, 1 hour (2 weeks after session 2)
Angelic Reiki & intuitive guidance session
Deep energy healing session which can support the release of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks moving you quickly to more freedom. Intuitive guidance for deeper reflection & growth.

Session 4, 1 hour (2 weeks after session 3)
Review & refine.
Life creation & design.
Your vision, trusting & acting in alignment.

Session 5, 1 hour (2 weeks after session 4)
Closing & reflection.

How: Sessions by skype or in person depending on location.

Please note: you will be asked to create time and space for daily practice to get the most out of your On Being package, you will be given homework to complete.

Please do email or call me for more information or for a free clarity call: 07525 715008.

Disclaimer: As a complementary therapist I do not diagnose illness, disease or any other physical or mental disorders. As such the complementary therapist prescribes neither medical treatments nor pharmaceuticals.
Angelic Reiki, Wellbeing & Life Guidance or any other holistic therapies offered are not a substitute for a medical examination and/or diagnosis. It is recommended that a medical physician examines you for any ailments you have.
No specific results can be guaranteed by the therapist/practitioner/reader. Any guidance given is for the client to consider only. Any decisions and choices the client makes as a result of that guidance or consultation are the client’s legal and personal responsibility only, both now and in the future.
Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations will not be refunded without at least 24 hours prior notice.
Prices are subject to change.