I was recommended by a friend, rave reviews I must add, and then the Wellbeing packages popped up. I sought help for my ‘out of balance hormones’.
After my first session she turned things on their head. It was my adrenal glands we were going to treat. It’s been wonderful to work with her so closely. Reminding myself to consciously eat instead of grabbing the nearest carbs.
It’s been only 2 months and I can see and feel changes. My energy is up. I suddenly decided to wake up and do yoga 4/5 mornings a week. That never happened before. My sleep has improved. I can not only sleep past 4am, but actually go back to sleep if I do wake.
I no longer get the hideous PMT/menopausal symptoms.
These first two might seem simple ‘parts of life’ things but they had been devoid from me for so long. I never realised how much stress had affected my body. She had hit the nail on the head. 
I’m excited for our ongoing relationship to my health. Her knowledge and problem solving are invaluable. Her kindness and patience have been vital to me.

Victoria. Let's go: Balance

Through her package, Delyth helped me increase my overall energy levels and improved my sleep. She also helped me with my back pain! I have my own business so work at home, together we put in some simple work/life adjustments which helped clear my mind this also really helped my energy.
Chris, Founder. Let's go: Energy

This has been amazing. I have lost inches from all over my body and I actually feel like I have a waist now! Sharing measurements of lost inches with Delyth made me feel accountable (in a good way!) proud and stopped me from cheating when I wasn't allowed to! My hair and skin also felt healthier - my skin is now glowing and my hair feels thicker and shinier. All in all I have had more energy and felt stronger. In addition, dry, itchy skin that my legs were prone to has disappeared.
I have felt far more confident because of the positive physical changes to my body. However, on top of that my head has felt clearer and less foggy. Eating healthy foods that my body responds well to as well as has made me feel and think more positively and far less prone to negative thoughts. I just enjoy feeling healthy and grounded through consuming nutritious foods. My monthly cravings and mood swings have also disappeared. 
Delyth has been a superstar. Her coaching has taught me so much about how to appreciate the person I am and be proud of my achievements. Without her support I feel I would never have achieved my considerable weight loss. I look forward to our sessions together as I feel completely comfortable with her and able to share any doubts in my mind, knowing that she is completely non-judgemental. Delyth is such a positive person and makes you feel that your dreams and aspirations can and will become a reality! It has been a brilliant partnership!

Lou, Head of Year Teacher. Metabolic Balance.

I had a wonderful session with Delyth, her knowledge and wisdom, really put me back on track with my eating habits. I was in a real funk, not eating enough of the right food, which caused a serious lack of energy and resulted in me reaching for the sugar, for a quick energy fix. 
Delyth's vast knowledge and passion for nutrition entwined with her warm and supportive compassion and non-judgemental nature made me feel supportive and comfortable, she was a great nutritional therapist to work with.
She was always present and grounded in our sessions and gave me the much needed time and patience that I needed to progress. 
I have walked away with greater knowledge of my food patterns and how to take care of my body, mind and soul with a better diet. My cravings are no longer an issue and I am filling my plate with all the RIGHT food for my body, I feel energised and no longer feel the need to reach for sugar to supply me with energy. 
My body is truly thankful for the support and encouragement I got from doing Delyth well thought out and planned programme,  she is master of her work and I highly recommend her if you want to make long-lasting important changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Valentina, Yoga teacher. Nutrition MOT.

I came to see Delyth after a recommendation from a friend who suggested she might be the ideal person to help me with my nutrition and well-being. I was sceptical at first, can someone really help me with something I thought I knew quite a bit on... I was actually wrong. Within 10 mins of meeting Delyth, I realised I had approached it all incorrectly. Her advice and support helped me understand the right food types for my body and mind. I hadn't realised I was a bit depressed at the time and her advice really helped me change my diet and relationship with food, which in turn improved my mood and thinking ability. It was quite remarkable! If you are looking for a friendly, knowledgeable nutritionist with a holistic approach, then Delyth is the right person for you!
Arti, Marketing Director. Wellbeing Coaching.

I would highly recommend Del as your Metabolic Balance therapist and think the whole concept of this programme is the best way to self heal, feel better, give your body what it needs to function at its best and get the most out of your life.
Vicki, Therapist. Metabolic Balance.

I personally loved the 1:1 consultations as it gave me a chance to talk about wellbeing outside of work too. Del helped me look into some nutritional/diet changes and also some small achievable steps to help with my overall wellbeing. I think it's so important to invest time in talking about wellbeing to make it a priority and Del was always very encouraging and was never pushy - achievable changes were what she helped implement. I would recommend her services as a 1:1 wellbeing consultant.
Camilla. Account Director. Wellbeing Coaching (part of Wellbeing at Work programme)