I had a wonderful Angelic Reiki session with Delyth. I felt an immediate state of relaxation within seconds. The transformative power that occurred later has benefitted me to this day and there really has been a big shift in my way of being. Delyth has a beautiful way of translating what's happening which makes it so much more easier to understand, she is calm and radiant and i thoroughly recommend this wonderful Angelic treatment. Jamie. Angelic Reiki Healing (in person)

The most valuable thing I learned was to centre back to myself. That’s so much thanks to you and how you guided me. I do feel more confident in, for example, following my heart and not being too wrapped up in external factors. Lou, On Being

"It was just amazing. AMAZING! - Delyth was really thorough when asking me about my food habits, personal history, daily rituals etc and she came back with a tailor-made package crafted with knowledge and loveliness that I could incorporate into my daily life.I wanted to throw myself right in and do absolutely everything she suggested all at the same time, but together we picked out the options that I could realistically do every day, and properly... When I did everything right, and ate all organic foods and took the correct supplements I felt great, my energy levels shot up, and I was a lot more positive generally. I also found I slept better and my anxiety levels were at an all time low. I highly recommend going to see Delyth if you want to feel more vibrant in every aspect of your life!” Nadia, On Being

I’d never heard of Angelic Reiki and was reticent at first, having had Reiki and Healing before I wasn’t sure what to expect. Angelic Reiki to me is the language Delyth uses to express her gift and as a client, you don’t necessarily need to understand it. I found the difference between them is how Delyth embraces the practice and translated it for me. Trusting Delyth was the key to receiving the effects of the Reiki, I didn’t need to ‘believe’.
Receiving Angelic Reiki from Delyth was peaceful, colourful and empowering, at the same time feeling an incredible comfort from the strength she has. The things I asked for help with, mental and physical were relieved in ways I wasn’t expecting. I left my session feeling energised and pretty blissed out!
I can now appreciate that Delyth is a channel for something very special that I know I have benefited from hugely. I don’t think you have to ‘understand’ Angelic Reiki to receive it, that is exactly what Delyth is for. 
I'm looking forward to another session with her soon and have bought sessions for a few friends as gifts, they can’t wait
! Rebecca, Angelic Reiki Healing (in person)

Mind/body/soul reconnection was by far one of the biggest gifts you guided me through, I had totally lost a connection to my body and soul and you gave me really simple tools to reconnect. I have since written a timeline of disconnect and it goes back to when I was 12-13years old but I wouldn’t have put that altogether if you hadn’t shown me how to listen in. This also really helped with diets and cravings and punishment or telling myself off for slipping up. Rose, On Being

I really wanted to try to put into words the angelic reiki session. That was just an out of this world experience. I wasn’t expecting the strong response I had. I know I can be quite an emotional person, but that was something different, such a release. I feel like it cleared my mind, but also something a lot deeper. I still have a way to go but it definitely put me much more at peace with my inner conflicts. Lou, Angelic Reiki (in person)

I was so fortunate to receive an angel card reading from Delyth, she is so lovely and really helped me to understand the cards that were chosen. I was excited and uplifted during and after the reading and it left me feeling reassured and positive about not only the future ahead but also the present. She is truly amazing and I highly recommend her! Thanks again Delyth for your beautiful card reading! 💕💫 Sharnee Anne, Intuitive life guidance reading

Honestly Delyth that was such a beautiful reading and massive confirmation for me and you have the most wonderful energy. Sarah, Intuitive life guidance reading

I recently received an angel reading from Delyth and it resonated completely, not only was Delyth’s reading so clear and informative, but she also helped me in other areas of my life in terms of life guidance and wellbeing. A brilliant reading, a lovely lovely person and I would recommend her to anyone interested in having an angel reading and/or just needing some life guidance xxx Shauna, Intuitive life guidance reading

I was looking for some insight during my reiki session and it seemed very centred on my heart opening. I was also guided to the power and importance of prayer in my everyday life. These both seemed very apt and meaningful to me. It was nice to meet Del and the experience was gentle but profound. Russella, Angelic Reiki (in person)

I had the most amazing experience last night when Delyth sent me some distance Angelic Reiki healing. I had been feeling ill with a cold and terrible chesty cough. As soon as Del started the healing I felt invisible healing hands soothing my congested lungs. Gorgeous! I had wonderful thoughts and visions come into my mind all that relaxed and calmed me. I felt the presence of 2 huge angels one of which on my right side was Archangel Michael and the other was a definite feminine presence. The whole session lasted about 20 mins but the intensity of the healing was just the most amazing I have ever had. Del you are an angel thank you so much. I cannot wait until my next session! Anne, Angelic Reiki (distance healing)

My reiki healing with Delyth was profound. She has a given gift and such beautiful energy. The experience we shared together was utterly unique to me and her insight is undeniable. The discussion we had after my session also helped me to unlock my perception of what I had received. I feel the healing has spring boarded me forward on a path I was already on...but it's made that path of healing clearer to me and it's given me a big shiny boost and a confirmation I needed to keep going. Like things are clicking in to place. Things I could see in my periphery are coming into focus. Freya, Angelic Reiki (in person)

I wish I had the words to describe my Angelic reiki session with Delyth, but I don’t because the experience was well and truly out of this world. I was taken on a vividly visual journey - from cutting cords with Archangel Michael to being held like a baby by Mother Earth you name it - I saw it! The session brought the relationship I have with my estranged father to the forefront of my mind and after the session I felt called to connect. This wasn’t something I would’ve done had I not had the healing. During it I knew deep down on a soul level that I had to to release the energetic ties that were holding me back in order to move forward. I feel much more at peace now. Lighter and brighter. And I will forever be grateful for the gift Delyth gave. Vanessa, Angelic Reiki (in person)

"I've had a couple of intuitive sessions as well as a Reiki healing with Delyth and she's blown my mind every time. Her connection to spirit is beautiful and the messages she's channeled for me were always very accurate, filled to the brim with love & light. I've had my fair share of intuitive readings and healings in the past, but Delyth's abilities really stand out from the crowd. I would recommend Delyth's services to anyone who might be considering hiring her as an intuitive, healer or a mentor - she will blow your mind and guide you towards alignment without any doubt! I can't wait to have another session with her in the future!" Tereza, Angelic Reiki (distance healing) & Intuitive Guidance

After receiving an angelic reiki healing from Delyth I experienced definite positive shifts in my life. It's like a subconscious weight has been taken off me and I just have more energy and clarity that is propelling me towards my goals and dreams faster than I've ever experienced before! I highly recommend receiving one of her loving healings. Delyth holds such a loving and caring space for you and I'm so blessed to know her. Lisa, Angelic Reiki (distance healing)

Delyth I loved our session, it was so insightful and I just loved the personal channeled message, that really meant a lot to me, I felt so loved! Also the two cards could not be more spot on! You were amazing at holding space for me when I got a bit angry or emotional so thank you I loved that you tuned in before our session so we could talk about what came through, that was so incredibly helpful. Lisa, Intuitive Guidance session

It’s been only 2 months and I can see and feel changes. My energy is up. I suddenly decided to wake up and do yoga 4/5 mornings a week. That never happened before. My sleep has improved. I can not only sleep past 4am, but actually go back to sleep if I do wake. I no longer get the hideous PMT/menopausal symptoms. These first two might seem simple ‘parts of life’ things but they had been devoid from me for so long. I never realised how much stress had affected my body. She had hit the nail on the head. I’m excited for our ongoing relationship to my health. Her knowledge and problem solving are invaluable. Her kindness and patience have been vital to me. Victoria, On Being

Through her package, Delyth helped me increase my overall energy levels and improved my sleep. She also helped me with my back pain! I have my own business so work at home, together we put in some simple work/life adjustments which helped clear my mind this also really helped my energy. Chris, On Being

I have felt far more confident because of the positive physical changes to my body. However, on top of that my head has felt clearer and less foggy. Eating healthy foods that my body responds well to as well as has made me feel and think more positively and far less prone to negative thoughts. I just enjoy feeling healthy and grounded through consuming nutritious foods. My monthly cravings and mood swings have also disappeared. 
Delyth has been a superstar. Her coaching has taught me so much about how to appreciate the person I am and be proud of my achievements. Without her support I feel I would never have achieved my considerable weight loss. I look forward to our sessions together as I feel completely comfortable with her and able to share any doubts in my mind, knowing that she is completely non-judgemental. Delyth is such a positive person and makes you feel that your dreams and aspirations can and will become a reality! It has been a brilliant partnership!
Lou, Metabolic Balance
I came to see Delyth after a recommendation from a friend who suggested she might be the ideal person to help me with my nutrition and well-being. I was sceptical at first, can someone really help me with something I thought I knew quite a bit on... I was actually wrong. Within 10 mins of meeting Delyth, I realised I had approached it all incorrectly. Her advice and support helped me understand the right food types for my body and mind. I hadn't realised I was a bit depressed at the time and her advice really helped me change my diet and relationship with food, which in turn improved my mood and thinking ability. It was quite remarkable! If you are looking for a friendly, knowledgeable nutritionist with a holistic approach, then Delyth is the right person for you! Arti, Wellbeing Coaching

I would highly recommend Del as your Metabolic Balance therapist and think the whole concept of this programme is the best way to self heal, feel better, give your body what it needs to function at its best and get the most out of your life. Vicki, Metabolic Balance

I personally loved the 1:1 consultations as it gave me a chance to talk about wellbeing outside of work too. Del helped me look into some nutritional/diet changes and also some small achievable steps to help with my overall wellbeing. I think it's so important to invest time in talking about wellbeing to make it a priority and Del was always very encouraging and was never pushy - achievable changes were what she helped implement. I would recommend her services as a 1:1 wellbeing consultant.
Camilla, Wellbeing Coaching

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