These packages create the basis by which we design a plan of action that goes at your pace to enhance
your health, wellbeing and your experience of life. No rushing, we go with your flow.

There are three packages to choose from:

Let's Go (2 months), Be Sure (4 months) and Nutrition MOT (1 month)

You can then select one of the following themes:

The package if you are feeling tired. Perhaps your energy is going up and down over the course of the day. You could be reaching out for sugar. Do you desire consistent and reliable energy levels that you trust?

This package focuses on skin health & discovering your inner glow and flow.

A common challenge for women which this package aims to address: feeling unbalanced every month, mood swings, monthly exhaustion, forgetful, cravings, PMS, menopause. Your hormones may need some love.

In this modern age, stress and anxiety are common place so if you are feeling stressed, bit anxious, too much too do, overwhelmed, can't cope then this programme will support you.

This package is great for individuals who want to create a sharper brain! You might be feeling foggy headed, unable to focus, finding it hard to concentrate, you can’t think, getting a bit forgetful, brain feels tired? 

If you aren’t sure which is the right package for you, or you would like a more bespoke package, or you would like a chat about your wellbeing, pop me an email at to arrange a 15 minute clarity call. 

Our sessions will be via Skype, so its easy to fit around your life.

The Low Down
Even though these are packages, your experience is individualised to your uniqueness and needs. So, while structured, your package will organically evolve in line with your discoveries along the way. How can this be?

Every single package follows this process:

Life History questionnaire & lifestyle diary
Before your first session with me, you complete these forms which underpin the basis of our first session together and your areas of focus over our time together. Following the headlines below:

Food and Nutrition
A review of what, when and how you eat on a daily basis.
You will receive a nutrition and lifestyle plan that creates a healthy balanced way of eating and being.
This approach is a plan for life: anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, supporting brain health, hydration, energy levels, hormonal balance and so on.
No fads. Sustainable. No pushing of a particular style of eating, rather the discovery of your way of eating plus a massive nourishment upgrade.

Please note: you will not be receiving a menu plan. You will receive nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to bring into your life plus a list of resources to support you in making powerful lifestyle adjustments.

Are you moving? Are you not? Moving for obvious reasons but also for self expression, feeling alive, and getting your positive energy flowing. Think moving in inspiring spaces like walking in nature, running in the wild, swimming in oceans. Movement that you LOVE.

Looking at your sleep patterns and whether you want more or less sleep and how to achieve that.
Remember that food and drink impact our sleep, as does stress.

Discovering the power of the mind, positively and negatively. Using a gentle transformation tool, we begin to swap limiting beliefs for more empowering affirmations.

Looking at your sense of love and connection to yourself, others and the world around you. 

Environment & Toxins
Opening your eyes to toxic exposure and what to do to minimise yours with simple shifts.

Note: depending on what comes up in our session and where you want to put your focus, some of these elements may receive more attention than others. Everyone receives a nutrition reboot.

Supplements recommended for your theme from high quality professional supplier, not mandatory, with a discount.

What you will receive from me
A nutrition and lifestyle plan that will help you understand the benefits of different food types and what they will do to enhance your wellbeing, you will feel confident to make informed choices for now and in the longterm. You will also receive wellbeing tips to bring into your daily life to help you create a life more aligned to you.
Guidance, teachings, insights, hints and tips to maximise your experience now and in the future.
An intuitive, empathetic and gentle space for you to be.
Transparency, honesty and trust is cultivated within our sessions together.
No judgement: total acceptance of you, me and what arrives in sessions.